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Google Chrome

Google chrome is the hottest topic today – you hear and see about it everywhere, on the train, at lunch, while waiting for the bus, on newspapers, on blogs, and even on TV. A friend said google is taking over the world. And he was joking of course, but I think it is highly possible. All jokes and predictions aside, my reviews on the browser…

Three things I like about Google Chrome:

  • A simplified interface
  • All good features of various browsers combined into one (domain name highlighting on address bar, most visited view, tabs, inspect element; just to list a few)
  • Speed

And some minus’es

  • View-source being opened up in a new tab than a separate window
  • An absence of third party plugins (but it is still early days yet)

The main thing that you will notice when using Google Chrome Browser is its speed; how fast and smooth it loads almost every website and web application. And while I am not sure I will be replacing my trusty old Firefox with the new elegant google chrome anytime soon, I have to give it to google for introducing such an innovation and making it an open source.

This post was written using Google Chrome Browser. :)

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