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jQuery gallery plugin

jQuery gallery plugin – demo

An accessible gallery plugin (using jQuery) that replaces the main image and image heading on the fly when a thumbnail is clicked. The Previous and Next links as well as the current image position are updated automatically.

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4 thoughts on “jQuery gallery plugin

  1. Hi, thanks for the gallery. It’s what I was looking for on the net for quite a long time. Cheers.

  2. One question I have ;)

    What would be a good starting point in the code for implementing a loading routine with an animated gif for the DIVs gallery-image & gallery-more?

    Best from Berlin!

  3. Hi, Im trying to integrate your plugin with my struts2 site.
    When I load the page through tomcat it loads jQuery and your plugin properly..Everything works fine.
    When I have my struts2 Model View Controller load the page, the jQuery is working, but it doesnt load your plugin.
    Any idea how to get around this?


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