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7 Days Traffic Building Exercise

Over the next 7 days, we will be having a traffic building exercise in order to generate more traffic to Web Development Blog. Join us on our journey to building traffic and learning tips and tricks along the way.

Our Plan

We will be spending 1 – 2 hours every day to implement our traffic building plan. We will be doing this for a week and will be writing a blog post every day outlining what we did (so you can do the same for your blog). At the end of the week, we will check our web statistics report (Google Analytics) to analyse the performance of our exercise and compare before and after stats.

Current Statistics

Currently, the statistics for Web Development Blog are as follows. The statistics are gathered using Google Analytics for the period of Jan 24, 2010 – Jan 30, 2010.

Average Weekly Visits: 3,728
Average Weekly Pageviews: 4,473
Average Weekly Visitors: 3,372

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2 thoughts on “7 Days Traffic Building Exercise

  1. Very cool. I am interested in seeing how it goes for you. Would you consider paying for advertising on services like sumbleupon advertising? That will of course bring traffic hard and fast but not guarantee returning traffic.

  2. This is one great strategy to build traffic in-and-of-itself…because now it makes me want to come back and see what you guys are going to try out. I guess I’ll have to bookmark you guys now – clever bastards! :)

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