A sample PhoneGap App using jQuery Mobile

Since I have been getting many requests, I have decided to make a simple app in PhoneGap using jQuery Mobile available for download. This sample project is for those who are fluent in HTML, Javascript and CSS and wish to get started on PhoneGap app development using web technologies. Enjoy!

– Ready-to-deploy
– Built on phonegap-1.4.1 and JQuery Mobile 1.0.1
– Easy to customise code base
– Custom theming for jQuery Mobile
– Google Fonts API for custom fonts
– 180+ lines of CSS which can be customised to your desired look and feel
– Minimal use of images by utilising CSS3
– Internet connection check before displaying every screen. Handy if you plan to use a REST API that connects to a web server
– 4 pages, ready to add your own content


Code snippets

Useful Links