Successful Tech Leadership Career (Software Engineers, Engineering Managers, CTOs)

Do you want to have a successful career in tech? Of course, you do. I've worked in the tech industry since I started my career almost 20 years ago and I've seen first hand how technology is always changing and advancing. Likewise, your career needs to be evolving with time. In this page, you will find all the resources you need to not only stay current in the tech industry but also help you grow your career.

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Technical Leadership Career

CTO Toolkit
CTO Toolkit
From how to design and set up an engineering organisation to how to create a technology strategy and everything in between such as hiring and retaining great engineering talents, cultivating engineering excellence, this toolkit contains essential tools and resources for technology leaders.
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Mastering Tech Leadership
Mastering Tech Leadership course
Self-paced course for engineering managers and software development managers
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Career Planning Starter Kit
When you're a people manager, you're not only responsible for your own career but also for those of your team members. I personally use this in my job as a manager, both for myself and my team members. This starter kit includes - Career Planning Workshop Deck (with bonus workshop template if you want to run a career planning workshop for your team), Personal Development Plan Template and Sample Career Objectives for a mid-level manager.
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The Engineering Manager’s How-to Guide
The Engineering Manager’s How-to Guide
From How To Transition From A Software Engineer To An Engineering Manager to How To Build A Diverse And Inclusive Engineering Organisation and everything in between, this book provides a concise and actionable guide for engineering managers, the specific and niche content for engineering managers that you won't find in other leadership and management books. 15+ Chapters of How-To Content, 200+ Pages, Actionable Advice and Proven Techniques for Engineering Managers (in PDF and ePUB)
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How-to Guide for Senior Tech Leaders
Commence, Connect. Coach & Cultivate
A how-to guide for senior tech leaders. Filled with practical advice, meaningful insights and incredibly relatable situations.

If you've ever wanted to be more intentional and strategic as a technology leader, this is the book for you! (in PDF and ePUB)
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Blog Post Templates
Blog Post Templates
Being able to communicate effectively is one of the essential skills for leaders. In this day and age where many of your team members are likely distributed and remote work is the norm, written communication is a recommended medium. But do you struggle to write engaging blog posts? Don't worry, I have just the solution for you. Download the templates for Listicle and How to, two most popular blog post types, follow the prompts and let your thoughts transform into well-structured blog posts.
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Agile Project Management Templates
Agile Project Management Templates for Notion & Google Docs
Agile Project Management Templates (Available in Notion & Google Docs) is designed for Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Leads, and Engineering Managers.

From Decision Making Template to Incident Post-mortem Template, and everything in between to help you manage software delivery teams using agile methodology and deliver customer value with ease and efficiency.
Notion | Google Docs - $27

Product Plan - Product Goals System
Product Goals System using OKR
In the 2020 Scrum Guide, Ken and Jeff introduced the idea of the Product Goal. The Product Goal is a commitment to ensure transparency and focus against progress. Therefore, the system is recommended for startups and agile teams, and for product and engineering leaders.

The system contains 1) Top-Level Objectives, 2) Key Results and 3) Initiatives. It's built on the famous OKRs framework but it has an extra layer to map strategy to execution via initiatives. Notion | Google Sheets - $27

Executive Leadership Career (including Founders & Entrepreneurs)

Leadership Planner 2023
Learn 12 Essential Leadership Competencies with 2023 Leadership Planner
It is important for leaders to learn, adapt and apply new leadership competencies in 2023 as the nature of work is changing resulting in new challenges for leaders - multigenerational workforce, quiet quitting, skill shortages, hybrid work, accessibility of artificial intelligence and last but not least, the possible economic downturn. This is your chance to make a lasting impact and be the leader that inspires, mobilises and serves your team and everyone around you to be better.Download now | More details
CEO Journal
CEO Journal - Level up your business
The 28 journal prompts will ensure you create a habit of thinking critically and creatively to build the business that you desire and take it up to the next level.
- Get unstuck and bring your business back to growth
- Ask yourself the right questions and identify the right answers
- Create a structure for weekly check ins and aligned planning
- Gain and retain clarity and focus
- Dream, think and build bigger
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Thought Leadership Strategy Workbook
Thought Leadership Strategy Workbook
Use this workbook to become crystal clear about:
- Your strengths
- Your offering
- Your audience
- Your elevator pitch
- Your goals
- Your marketing funnel
to differentiate yourself from competitors and stand out in a crowded marketplace.
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