About Isabel Nyo

Isabel is a highly innovative and award-winning technology leader, author and speaker with almost 20 years of experience in the tech industry, with startups to Fortune 500 tech companies.

She is passionate about leadership, career development, and diversity & inclusion. She is the author of a few books: The Engineering Manager’s How-to Guide, Nail That Interview, The Accidental Remote Manager and Career Guide for Software Developers.

She is currently an engineering manager at a technology company in Sydney, Australia, leading high performing teams and having fun while doing so.

Outside work, she likes to read, write (sometimes in a programming language) and spend time with her family, especially with her daughter who wants to be a YouTuber one day. You can find Isabel on social media or on various websites and publications, talking about topics that she cares about.

Isabel is an ISTJ, an Enneagram Type 1, a Reformer and an Achiever.

Contacting me for media interviews
You're welcome to contact me for media interviews and my opinions but I can't guarantee that I will always be available for help due to my very busy schedule. The best way to reach me is via social media.

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About the blog

This blog is my online presence on the web. I write about career in technology industry, being a woman in tech, engineering leadership and the likes.

I started blogging on 25 December 2005. You can read about my blogging journey here. Check out a list of resources and tools that I use for the blog at Resources page if you're interested.

Many years ago, this blog used to be called Web Development Blog where I kept myself up to date with the latest technologies in the industry and shares my ideas and thoughts with like-minded people over the world. In Feb 2009, the blog was listed in Top 100 Australian Women's Blogs.


The opinions expressed here on this blog or anywhere on my social media accounts represent my own and not those of my employer(s).

This page was last updated in Sept 2020.