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A new type of search engine in town – WolframAlpha

Ever since finding out about, I've been playing with it and I must say it's pretty amazing and addictive.

WolframAlpha(tm) is a new type of search engine - or what they call "computational knowledge engine".

Rather than trying to explain what it is and what it does in words, lets have a look at a few different searches I did today:

This is what I got when I searched for Microsoft:

And searching for home loan gave me this:

Where is Myanmar, my country of birth?

Typing in domain names gives you host information and stats:

It is a currency converter too!

Next Monday falls on:

And what I am having for lunch:

Looking for complementary colors?

Hours to seconds; this will come in handy when you are coding

And last but not least, a question that we all ask from time to time: would you be needing your umbrella today?