DreamHost Invitations / Promo codes

I've been using Dreamhost hosting for a few years now and yesterday, I received an email from Dreamhost regarding invitations for new users. Apparently, I'm one of the select few customers to be offered special "DreamHost Invitations". The invitation codes are:


You can sign up for dreamhost at https://signup.dreamhost.com/ and use the 12-digit code in the "promo code" field. Please leave a comment if you use one of them so I can update this post accordingly.

Each invite code:
* Can be used just once. So be quick before someone else uses it!
* Give $15 off a 1-year hosting or $100 off a 2-year hosting. The one-year hosting costs $119.40 and two-year costs $214.80, but after applying the code, it will be $104.40 for a year and $114.80 (just $4.78/month) for 2 years.
* Are way better than regular promo codes.. but are in very limited supply.