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Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Career?

Many times, we tell ourselves and other people that we want to be leaders, we want to be successful and we want to leave a legacy. If you can relate to what I am saying, then I’d like to ask you one simple question, are you ready?

Being ready isn’t about waiting for success or waiting for whatever you wish for to come your way. Being ready is about putting yourself and your work out there, putting them out there so you can be seen, and you can make a difference. But this also means accepting that not everyone is going to like what you have to say or offer. Moreover, it also means making mistakes and learning from them. Some people might disagree with you for good reasons but some might simply try to bring you down.

To give you an example, Picasso wouldn’t become the most influential and greatest painter of the 20th century if he didn’t leave his hometown, went to Paris and started putting his work out for others to see. Same goes for Oprah, even if Oprah knew she was talented (learning to read and write at 3) and she was different, if she didn’t venture out of her comfort zone, then she would never become the inspirational talk show host that we see today. She was the first female African American to host a television show and if you read her success story, she did it despite being uncertain and scared.  

Therefore, I believe that if we have the desire to be successful and to be where we hope to be, we need to take the first step. The first step might be small, it might be uncomfortable, it might even be a failure but it’s the most important step that we can take.

So my question to you is, are you ready to take the first step? Are You Ready To Take Control Of Your Career?

Let’s get started by hopping onto Career Hub and taking actions!
☑️ Step 1: Perform a self assessment
☑️ Step 2: Prepare a personal development plan
☑️ Step 3+:
– Take an action a day towards your plan (You can join 7 days career security challenge to help you stay on track)
– Become an avid reader
– Create a personal brand
– Create an online presence (eg: a blog)
– Review your progress regularly

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