4 thoughts on “Find and replace text in mysql

  1. Oh HELL YES. Greatly appreciated.

    I was pushing a WordPress site from development server to production server, and all the functions that called the ‘guid’ meta data from the page array were pointing back at the dev server.

    This beats updating per line.

    UPDATE wp_posts SET guid = REPLACE(guid, ‘dev.server.com’, ‘prod.server.com’);

    Like a charm. Thanks again!

  2. I recently wanted to replace a string within MySQL on the fly, but the field could contain 2 items. So I wrapped a REPLACE() within a REPLACE(), such as:

    REPLACE(REPLACE(field_name, “what we are looking for”, “replace first instance”), “something else we are looking for”, “replace second instance”)

    This is the syntax I used to detect a boolean value:

    REPLACE(REPLACE(field, 1, “Yes”), 0, “No”)

    Hope this helps!

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