Google maps street view

Google map street view

It seems like every man and his dog is writing about google maps street view and thus, I feel the need to jump on the wagon. I personally think google maps street view is great; it is more useful than my street directory, and it gives me a chance to explore the world from the convenience of my desk.

But with these great advanced technologies, there are often some drawbacks which come with them. And google street view is of no exception. Many people are saying it is an invasion of privacy for having photographs of themselves, their homes, and their belongings available on the Internet for anyone and everyone to see.

A boing-boing reader is freaking out, Larry Dignan from zdnet is wary of the whole thing, Daniel Terdiman from Webware is doing a story or a photo gallery of spying with google street view and I am sure there are many more concerned users out there.

Whether it raises a serious privacy issue or not, most of us would be happy to agree that this google new feature is amazing and is definitely impressive.

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