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12 Coding Languages That Never Took Off

I saw this interesting article Ghosts in the Machine: 12 Coding Languages That Never Took Off on via digg programming and thought you might also find it interesting.

The programming languages that many people have not heard of are:

  1. ALGOL 68: ALGOrithmic Language 1968
  2. brainfuck
  3. Befunge
  4. REBOL: Relative Expression Based Object Language
  5. ColdFusion (I think this is going to get people discussing.)
  6. Java2k
  8. VRML: Virtual Reality Modeling Language
  9. SMIL: Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language
  10. Haskell
  11. Delphi
  12. PowerBuilder

Read the full article to discover the background of those programming languages and why they don't take off.

Side notes:

There are literally over 8,500 programming languages in existence..

Who would have thought? 8,500 is such a huge number.

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2 thoughts on “12 Coding Languages That Never Took Off

  1. I don’t think that Delphi is an unknown programming language. Many people are using it for creating business applications. In some segments it’s even better that C++.

    8500 programming languages? I’ve never thought there are so much of them out there.

    PS. Could you put links for official web-site near every lang you mentioned. So people wouldn’t lose time searching the Internet for them. I’m sorry for my poor english.

  2. Hi DeezOrdr, thank you for your comment and suggestion. I agree Delphi is not an unknown programming language. Neither is ColdFusion. But I guess the editors were trying to tell us that those programming languages didn’t live up to a lot of people’s prediction.

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