My favourite web 2.0 fonts

Every designer knows that the right choice of font can make or break a design. While I am no designer, there are a few fonts that I love and use most often. May I therefore present you, my favourite web 2.0 fonts:

My favourite web 2.0 fonts

  • ITC Officina Sans
  • Alba
  • Avenir35-Light
  • Futura Md
  • Frutiger SCIN Bold
  • VAG Rounded

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One thought on “My favourite web 2.0 fonts

  1. nice taste. ever been to nice font blog.

    anyway, the real subject here is that classic beauty is in use @ the site i linked to in this form, since on the download page you asked to be informed. in all honesty, i was going to pass it up for something widget ready but, well, i make music under the moniker e-sin, and call my studio e-sin studios and that’s like 2 characters different from what you’ve called your site here…so i stuck with it. it’s a nice looking theme anyway.

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