Horoscope Mambot (Plugin) for Joomla!

Horoscope Mambot (Plugin) for Joomla!


Display a daily/monthly horoscope for a specified star sign. It accepts an RSS feed URL as a parameter, gets star sign value from within your page content, appends the star sign value to the RSS feed URL, fetches the content of the feed, and changes your page content dynamically upon loading. You can have as many horoscope mambot as you like in a page.


Put {horoscope}YOUR SIGN{/horoscope} in the content area of your page

Feed URLs



Horoscope Mambot (Plugin) for Joomla!


Horoscope Mambot (Plugin) for Joomla! 24kb

This is my very first mambot/plugin and I welcome any comment and suggestion that you may have.

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  1. Hi Lisa,

    I have not written a Horoscope plugin for WordPress. There are quite a few widgets on Astrology at Widgetbox that you might find useful: They are application independent – so you can add them to either WordPress blogs or any html pages.

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