TPG Internet proxy problem

Many people seem to be having issues with accessing certain websites using TPG Internet service provider. For those who don’t know, TPG uses an intercepting proxy (also known as a “transparent proxy”) which means if you do not specify a specific proxy server in your browser, they have a default proxy which will be used.

You can find out which proxy is being used for your Internet connection by going here.

To fix this issue, you can nominate a specific proxy server from a list of TPG proxies to be used rather than letting TPG picks a random one.

However, just to be absolutely sure that it is the TPG proxy that is causing these issues, access the websites using a web proxy to see if the same problem occurs. If the problem cannot be replicated using a web proxy, it is definitely the ISP proxy issue.

How to specify a proxy server

In Internet Explorer:

Tools -> Internet Options
In Connections tab, click on LAN settings
Tick ‘Use a proxy server’ and add the proxy address you want to use (eg: in Address field as seen below
Proxy - IE settings
Click OK
Click OK

In Firefox

Tools -> Options
Click on Advanced icon from the toolbar
Click on Network tab
Click on Settings
Select ‘Manual Proxy Configuration:’
And enter the proxy address you want to use (eg: (see below)
Proxy - Firefox settings
Click OK
Click OK

You might have to wait for 5-10 mins for your browser cache to be refreshed or you can manually clear the cache.

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