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My homepage on geocities 10 years ago

Enlarge screenshot

That was a screenshot of one of my first homepages on geocities 10 years ago in 1999; the first year it was acquired by Yahoo! as their free web hosting service. As Yahoo! is closing down geocities after 10 years, I can't help but feel a little sad. I created my first ever homepage (back then it was called homepage, not website) on geocities, and in a way, I owe it all to them. Goodbye geocities! Thank you for introducing me to the world of websites.

5 thoughts on “My homepage on geocities 10 years ago

  1. Oh yes – I remember – my first few projects also graced the pages of Geocities. I remember spending hours uploading my first website file by file…

  2. Haha tell me about it. Good times eh? :)

  3. ya, I still remember you showing me that website during college time. Ah~~ the good old days :>

  4. Oh you’ve a good memory, Wilson. Yes, I was very proud of my first website, hehe. :P

  5. yes, that is sad to grow up with a website and then found it closed suddenly, but frankly Geocities are not made for this era, neither Google pages too

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