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Browser Market Share (Year 2009)

According to this website, Internet Explorer* still makes up the largest share this year (2009).

Browser Market Share

The top 5 browsers are as follows:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 66.97%
Firefox 21.96%
Safari 8.20%
Chrome 1.22%
Opera 0.70%

*This includes all versions of Internet Explorer.

Source: Market share for browsers, operating systems and search engines

3 thoughts on “Browser Market Share (Year 2009)

  1. Firefox is definitely on the up… Gave Chrome a test run – nice but definitely still needs some work – kept crashing my DB and the lack of auto complete was a reeeeal pain in the …

  2. Yes, the popularity of Firefox is rising, hopefully it will be able to beat IE in a few years.

    I don’t use Chrome either; it is nice, clean and simple but I feel it lacks some features of a browser.

  3. Firefox 3.5, IE8 and Opera 10 all correctly display the page’s last update date. However, neither Chrome nor Safarii do.

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