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7 Days Traffic Building Exercise – Day 2

Day 2: Article Submission

Day 2 was a busy day compared to Day 1 because we spent the entire 2 hours allocated to complete the task. The plan for Day 2 was to submit articles on our blog to article directories and content sites. There are many article directories on the web, and therefore, choosing the right ones to submit your article is as important as submitting a good article. Have a look at this Top 25 Article Directories and Free Content Sites Ranked by Alexa and PageRank to find out which article directories will work best for your content.

We submitted our articles to the following 8 article directories. Each process took about 15 mins; from opening an account (if required) to submitting the article. It is more effective to write one good article and submit it to multiple article directories than submit many articles to one single article directory.

– http://www.ezinearticles.com
– http://www.contentcaboodle.com
– http://www.myarticlemall.com
– http://www.articlesbase.com
– http://www.articlebiz.com
– http://www.goarticles.com
– http://www.ideamarketers.com
– http://www.articlecube.com

When you are submitting your article, you can include an Author Bio at the bottom of the article. Don’t be lazy to write one for yourself, because once you have written a bio, you can use it again and again. The bio doesn’t need to be long, in fact, most article sites requires the bio to be between 200 – 400 characters long.

When writing an author bio, write in 3rd person and always remember to add a link back to your website.

My author bio:

Ei Sabai Nyo is a Web Developer and a Web Entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia. She works as a Technical Director at Anansi Web Development which provides web development and web consultancy services to SMEs and non-profit organisations. She maintains a personal blog called Web Development Blog with an intention to share ideas, knowledge and resources with people in the industry.

Time spent: 2 hours

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