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7 Days Traffic Building Exercise – Day 6

Day 6: Submit to blog and RSS directories

On Day 6, we submitted our blog to blog and RSS directories. Submitting your blog to directories is not only good for traffic, but it is also good for search engine optimisation. There are many blog and RSS directories but try to choose the ones that have good PageRank and Alexa traffic ranking. When submitting your blog to directories, be sure to select an appropriate category that your blog belongs to. For example, our blog is about web development and therefore, we submitted our blog to categories such as “Web 2.0”, “Internet -> Programming”, “Web Design & Development”, etc. Most directories allow free submission, but if you have a budget for it, you can pay for a premium or featured listing which guarantee a better click through rate.

So, what are some of the popular blog directories? You can either google for “blog directories + YOUR NICHE” or go through the following lists:

Time spent: 2 hours

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