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7 Days Traffic Building Exercise – Review

So our 7 Days Traffic Building Exercise has been completed successfully. And now, it’s time to review our statistics and find out how we did.

How we did

As you can see in the graph above, the overview traffic for February 4, 2010 – February 10, 2010 (Current) and January 21, 2010 – January 27, 2010 (Previous)* are:

Current: 4,115
Previous: 3,910
Difference: +5.24%

Current: 5,259
Previous: 4,646
Difference: +13.19%

Current: 1.28
Previous: 1.19
Difference: +7.56%

Referring sites

As you can see in the graph, previously, 7.88% of total traffic came from referring sites. And it increased by more than 50% during our exercise period making the total percentage of traffic coming from referring sites to 12.30%. If we look at the graph a bit more closely, we can see that on Feb 8 (Day 5), there was a massive increase. While we couldn’t say that all of this is the result of the exercise we did on Day 5, which is creating a round-up link post and linking to relevant blogs in the industry, the exercise did have some impact on it because on the next day (Day 6), the traffic decreased a little. If it was the result of all the exercises we did from Day 1 to Day 5, the traffic would have stayed more or less the same on the next day.

Visits / Visits per day

We have a slight increase in our overall visits / visits per day during the week of traffic building exercise. Although it didn’t meet our goal which was to get a 10% traffic increase, we are pretty happy with the result (5.24% increase) given that the exercise was carried out in just 7 days.

What we learned

Five key lessons that we have learnt from the exercise are:

  • Have a strategic plan
  • Have measurable goals
  • Be persistent
  • Think of long term benefits rather than getting a traffic spike
  • Don’t give up

What’s next

We will try to carry out more traffic building strategies to meet our goal of 10% traffic increase for this month (Feb 2010). There are other effective and ethical traffic building strategies which were not carried out in our 7 Days Traffic Building Exercise due to time and resources constraints. If you like what we did with the exercise and find out what other things we will be doing, download our mini-ebook “7 Days Traffic Building Exercise” for USD 5.00. The ebook has all the 7 Days Traffic Building Exercise blog posts that have been published on this blog PLUS a bonus chapter: Other traffic building strategies.

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* Statistics and Graphs obtained from Google Analytics