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Tips to creating an email signature for your online brand

Email signatures are not new and they have been around for as long as email itself has. Almost every organisation has an email signature template that all the employees are asked to use. Why? Because email signatures are a source of marketing, advertising and branding. They are a must-have accessory for any business email. So if you have a website/blog, you might want to look at designing an email signature that represents your brand and yourself online.

There are basically two types of email signatures; HTML and Plain Text. HTML signatures are obviously more colorful and interesting, however, there are times when a Plain Text email signature is more appropriate for your brand. In this post, we will cover common elements you can put in your email signature to represent your online brand (in this case: blog).

Here are sample email signatures for Web Development Blog.

HTML Email Signature

Ei Sabai Nyo

Web Development Blog
A blog about  Web Development, Web Design, Web Applications, Web 2.0, AJAX, WordPress Themes, Search Engine Optimisation, Latest Technologies and more..

Blog: | Email:  

Linked In:
Skype: eisabai

Plain Text Email Signature

Our email signatures consist of the following elements.

HTML Email Signature
1. Logo
2. Name
3. Title of your blog/website
4. Short description about your blog/website
5. URL of your blog/website
6. Email
7. Social networking accounts
8. Disclaimer (optional)

Plain Text Email Signature
1. Name
2. Title of your blog/website
3. Short description about your blog/website
4. URL of your blog/website
5. Email
6. Social networking accounts
7. Disclaimer (optional)

Elements in an HTML Email Signature

So how does this differ from a traditional/corporate email signature? In corporate email signatures, you have your position title underneath your name and your address along with phone number, fax number and mobile number. You can put those information in your signature for your online brand, however, we chose not to include them because they are not a primary mean of communication for our blog.

Smashing Magazine has published a blog post titled The Art And Science Of The Email Signature where you can see examples of email signatures for many online brands.

We will be writing a tutorial on coding for an HTML email signature in the near future.

If you are looking for an email newsletter template for your web development company, check out iNewsletter template from ThemeForest.

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