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So you don’t like ads on websites/blogs

So you don’t like ads.

If you have a website that has ads, you are probably no stranger to people commenting that you have too many ads on your website. Usually, I just smile and nod when I receive such comment but today, I thought I’d write my thoughts here. You don’t have to agree with me, and I encourage you to share your opinion in the comments section.

Firstly, we see ads everywhere; at bus stops, in newspapers, in magazines, at shopping malls and so on. And I don’t see why having ads on a website makes any difference to having ads somewhere else.

Secondly, as long as there is no pop-up ads or video-ads that start playing automatically on your website, I don’t think they are distracting enough to make you stop reading the content on the website.

Thirdly, are you forced to click on an ad before interacting with the website such as proceeding to another page or leaving a comment? If not, why too hard on them.

I agree having ads on the website doesn’t come without drawbacks. You, as the user, may have to scroll a bit more to read the content, the website might load a bit slower because it has to load extra data (images, javascript, etc) for the ads, it will use more bandwidth from your ISP because you’re loading more data, and some cleverly designed ads might grab your attention causing you to follow them which could possibly result in wasting your time.

However, you, as the user, have the right to block the ads if you find them extremely annoying by using ad-blocking plugins and software. And as the owners of the website, we have the right to put ads on our websites with the hopes of earning some pocket money. It also gives us an incentive to produce good content. It is a win-win situation.

So, I am all for having unobtrusive ads on websites. After all, someone has to pay for all the hosting, marketing and resources put into making and maintaining a website. But I understand it’s a tricky issue and I’d like to hear your thoughts on this topic. Please leave a comment to have your say and share your opinion.

8 thoughts on “So you don’t like ads on websites/blogs

  1. I agree with you Ei – as long as ads are targeted to the right audience and not too intrusive, I think they’re fine. You have the balance about right and I hope you have enough pocket money for some treats soon :)

  2. I think it is completely upto the blog owner as he can do what he wants , obtrusive ads usually dont get too far , you end up removing them and cleaning up the blog.

    Your ads look great I would just suggest cloaking the links so you get a better ROI.

    Ruben @ Our Blog Log

  3. Thank you Jimmy. Everyone loves treats! :)

    Thank you for your suggestion, Ruben. I have cloaked my ad links. Now lets sit back and see the money rolling in. :)

  4. I think ads are the revenue source to fund a blog. If you like a blog with good content and the readers get lot of benefits out of it. It wouldn’t harm for the blog to display some ads to continue run the blog. The readers also does not need to donate to the blog.

  5. I agree with Jimmy that it’s a fine line. And like you mentioned in your blog, it’s become a natural occurence in real life so why not online as well. For me personally it’s the videos that start automatically and cover a portion of the screen that really get me. Smaller and more static images I’m fine with, and if it helps get your blog written then I’m all for it.

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