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Bucket List For Technologists

We have welcomed a new decade. Twenty-twenty. A new decade means new opportunities. New possibilities. To explore. To learn. And to experience.

Being a technologist, one of my favourite quotes is, “Software is eating the world”. In the new decade, this quote will be even truer than ever. Every company in the world will become a technology company. You might argue that it’s impossible. But think about it. A technology company doesn’t just mean it produces software.

It’s also about using software to power all areas of a business. For example, Pizza Hut reinvented themselves not too long ago and the company is powered by technology in more ways than you could imagine. There are more people ordering via Pizza Hut app than there are people walking in to make an order. Even when people walk in to a store make an order, the order details are entered into a computer system that’s connected to a kitchen. If their computer system goes down, the business will not be able to function. We have seen that happen with Target when their check out system went down for two hours.

Technology is no doubt at the centre of everything these days. If you’re a technologist, then you might be overwhelmed with all the things that’s happening around you. A new approach, a new system, a new vendor, a new provider, a new framework, a new methodology almost every single day. How do you decide where to put your time and energy towards in the new decade? To help you focus on what matters, I’d like to share with you this bucket list ideas for technologists to achieve in twenty-twenties.

  • Contribute to open source projects 💻
  • Perform skills-based Pro-bono work ❤️
  • Visit the Silicon Valley and Bay Area 🌉
  • Participate (eg: speak, organise, volunteer) at a major tech conference 🤚🏼
  • Sponsor someone from an underrepresented group 🌈
  • Become a subject matter expert for a topic 🏆
  • Create an online community or network that connects and enables others to do meaningful work 🔗

A new decade. New opportunities, new ways; to make a difference. Let’s do this!

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