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My Fail List of 2020

Last few years, I was in this place where I felt like I was doing everything right and everything was going fine for me in my career.

I've got a great job - I worked at one of the largest tech companies in the country. I was working with smart people, making an impact and delivering business results. I was also getting a hang of public speaking, and had spoken internationally multiple times a year. My writing had reached and helped tens of thousands of people in the tech industry.

And then I thought, is that it? Is that all I could be doing? How come I didn't feel like I was learning and growing then?

But then I realised, I wasn't challenging myself enough. I was only doing things that I was proficient in. I applied to speak at events that I knew I'd be selected for. I wrote for publications that would accept my content. I understood what they were looking for, and wrote just that.

So in 2020, I decided to take a slightly different approach and intentionally start doing things that I knew I'd fail.

And here is the result. My fail list of 2020.

  1. I launched an online Career Development Program for Women in Tech and had zero signups.
  2. I applied to speak at a few major events like TedX and didn't hear anything back.
  3. More than ten of my medium articles were rejected by popular publications.
  4. I failed to reach more audience using a different mean than writing. (My YouTube channel looks very sad.)
  5. I stopped writing in my Gratitude Journal after a week.
  6. I didn't learn any new professional skill.
  7. I didn't do sketchnotes of my books.
  8. I have more than five projects that I started, but didn't finish.
  9. I read less than 5 books properly this year.
  10. Out of 9 goals that I set for myself in 2020, I achieved 2, failed 4, and deferred 3.

And you know what, I am ok. In fact, I am more than ok. It shows that there are more things I can do and learn and be better at.

Here is to a new year and to never giving up.