Leadership Planner 2023

2023 could be the most challenging year for leaders. This is your chance to make a lasting impact and be the leader that inspires, mobilises and serves your team and everyone around you to be better.

Don't just hope to survive. Thrive in your leadership role by gaining the essential foundational skills and strategies.

This leadership planner contains essential leadership competencies to lead a modern workforce.  There are 12 competencies in total and each month, you will learn about each of them. There are frameworks, methodologies, comparisons, questions, examples or quotes for each leadership competency to enable you to effectively understand the concept of the leadership competency and apply it in practice.

There are also poster pages for inspiration, motivation, action taking and blank pages for notes taking.  This is the planner that will get you from a traditional leader who leads with their position to a modern leader who leads with empathy and vision.

Leadership Planner


The 12 Leadership Competencies that you will learn in this planner are:

Inspiring others

Leading change

Strategic thinking

Customer focus

Driving execution

Cultivating partnerships

Setting direction

Emotional intelligence

Fostering innovation




There are 50 pages in total in the digital version. If you'd like to get a paperback copy, you may get it from Amazon.