Personal Development Plan

Never allow your career to be stagnant; whether you want a promotion, a better compensation or a more satisfying job, you've the power to make it happen! Start by putting together a Personal Development Plan.

Personal Development Plan


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Many times, we tell ourselves and other people that we want to be leaders, we want to be successful and we want to leave a legacy. If you can relate to what I am saying, then I’d like to ask you one simple question, are you ready?

Being ready isn’t about waiting for success or waiting for whatever you wish for to come your way. Being ready is about putting yourself and your work out there, putting them out there so you can be seen, and you can make a difference. But this also means accepting that not everyone is going to like what you have to say or offer. Moreover, it also means making mistakes and learning from them. Some people might disagree with you for good reasons but some might simply try to bring you down.

I believe that if we have the desire to be successful and to be where we hope to be, we need to take the first step. The first step might be small, it might be uncomfortable, it might even be a failure but it’s the most important step that we can take.

Take the first step in taking control of your own career today by creating a personal development plan. Use this template to create an actionable plan by filling in sections about:

  • your personal analysis
  • your career objectives
  • your action plan

Your action plan towards your career development

  1. Download self-assessment worksheet
  2. Schedule 2 hours in your calendar to do self-reflection and fill in the worksheet
  3. Schedule an hour in your calendar to put together a Personal Development Plan using this template
  4. Take specific and informed actions towards your career goals