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Web 2.0 – What’s it?

Web 2.0
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The term “Web 2.0” refers to what some people see as a second phase of development of the World Wide Web, including its architecture and its applications. As used by its proponents, the phrase allegedly refers to one or more of the following:

  • a transition of websites from isolated information silos to sources of
    content and functionality, thus becoming a computing platform serving web
    applications to end users
  • a social phenomenon referring to an approach to creating and distributing
    Web content itself, characterised by open communication, decentralization
    of authority, freedom to share and re-use, and "the market as a conversation"
  • a more organized and categorized content, with a far more developed deeplinking
    web architecture.
  • a shift in economic value of the web, up past a trillion dollars surpassing
    that of the dot com boom of the late 1990s.

However, a consensus upon its exact meaning has not yet been reached.

Many recently developed concepts and technologies are seen as contributing to Web 2.0, including weblogs, linklogs, podcasts, RSS feeds and other forms of many to many publishing; social software, web APIs, web standards, online web services, Ajax, and others.

Web 2.0 allegedly differs from early web development (retroactively labeled Web 1.0) as it is a move away from static websites, email, using search engines and surfing from one website to the next. Others are more skeptical that such basic concepts can be superseded in any real way by those listed above.

For more info about Web 2.0, go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Web_2.0