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The Perks of Being A Female In STEM

Ei Sabai Nyo

We always hear about gender imbalance in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) fields so as a woman in tech, I decided to write this post as a fun way to encourage more females to join STEM fields and also to retain those intelligent females who are already working in male dominated industries.

1. You are always the best dressed in any occasion, even if you were wearing a dress from 3 seasons ago.

2. When you speak, everyone stops speaking and starts listening carefully. This may be due to females being soft-spoken but hey, it's a still perk.

3. You receive comments about how caring you are, even if you're just being yourself. I guess us females are caring in nature and being caring comes to us naturally.

4. You never have to queue in bathrooms and you have a lot of privacy to take #ootd selfies.

5. You always get out of tasks that require physical labour. "Oh want to move this chair? let me do it for you". "Time for office relocation, let's help her move first". Oh joy!

6. You get noticed in a room full of people. To be noticed, one has to be unique or remarkable and being a female in a male dominant industry works in your favour. And if you are female AND remarkable, the opportunities are endless!

7. You get headhunted all the times and finding a job in a STEM field is easier for you than for your male colleagues. One of the reasons for this is because of your gender. Every month, I get at least three job offers or leads via Linked In. I hate to say this but my Linked In profile picture contributes to many opportunities that were presented to me. How do I know? Because recruiters say so.

8. You have people holding doors open for you. Yes, I work with a lot of gentlemen.

9. You never get teased for having too much facial hair. "Hey mate, time for a shave?" Can't say I've ever been asked that question.

10. You are the only one with beauty and brains. Your male colleagues may be good looking and smart too, but they will likely never receive such compliment.

And the bonus point which I think is the best perk of being a female in a male dominant industry; it has enabled me to appreciate gender differences, stand on my ground, be more self-aware and even laugh at a few man jokes. Win-win, really!