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Blog Post Templates


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One of my most popular articles is “If you’re a developer, you should start blogging — and here’s why.”

I received quite a few responses from my readers regarding that article and one of the most frequently asked questions is “How do I transform my thoughts into blog posts?”

I used to think lack of ideas was what held people back from blogging. But I was wrong.

Some say they struggle to write engaging blog posts because they don’t know how to structure their content. Other says they are not sure how to even begin writing a blog post.

Knowing how to write an engaging blog post is not only beneficial for developers, being able to communicate effectively is one of the essential skills for leaders. In this day and age where many of your team members are likely distributed and remote work is the norm, async written communication is a recommended medium.

Guess what, if you’re one of those people, I may have the solution for you! I have created two most popular blog post templates — Listicle blog post template and How to blog post template.

✋ And here comes my secret sauce: I have personally been following the same approach for more than a decade of my blogging career. Fun fact: I started my first blog on Christmas Day, about 13 years ago. 25 December 2005.

Now you, too, can just follow the prompts in the templates and let your thoughts transform into engaging and well-structured blog posts easily.