In this tutorial, I am going to show you how to create a responsive landing page in an hour using Foundation framework. You don’t have to be a front-end developer or a design expert to be able to complete this task. The following is the landing page layout that we are aiming to build. Note […]

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The easiest way to pause all cronjobs is to delete the crontab. Step 1: Take a backup copy: crontab -l > crontab_backup.txt Step 2: Remove the crontab crontab -r Later, when you’d like to resume all cronjobs again, just restore the backup file crontab crontab_backup.txt

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A while ago, I was asked to review a few responsive WordPress themes available on the market. There are a lot of responsive WordPress themes available and prices start from $20 to $200. But as I was reviewing them, I realised that there are a few features that you need to look for when deciding […]

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1. Do build with ‘mobile first’ mantra. Add features and components as required for bigger screens, instead of trying to remove features and components for mobile screens. 2. Do use modernizer. 3. Do test on real devices instead of emulators. 4. Do check website performance during development – not after. Google PageSpeed and YSlow are […]

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A while ago, we were requested to build a competition website. The requirements were: – Only registered & logged in users will be able to enter competitions. – A competition may be a game of skill or a game of chance. – A competition has a start date and end date. – Users will be […]

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One of the most popular requests we receive is from Australian property agencies asking for a WordPress powered real estate website. WordPress is number 1 Content Management System – it’s easy to use and easy to developed on. Since we are getting more and more requests, we have decided to develop a Australian Real Estate […]

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When you’re using WordPress as a CMS for clients, it’s a good idea to customise the Admin Login page so the client feels the ownership of the Admin console that they will be using. It doesn’t have to be complicated, by placing the following code into functions.php of the current theme, almost half the work […]

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05 Sep, 2012

My favourite HTML5 Features

Posted in: Snippets,xHTML

1. Geolocation 2. onLine 3. Audio and Video 4. Local Storage 5. History Geolocation Geolocation API is usually used together with Google Maps to show the current location of the device. Where would you use it? Geolocation is an essential feature for applications that needs to know information about the device’s current location such as […]

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If you wish to disable wpadminbar in WordPress 3.1+ for a specific theme, just add the following line of code into functions.php file of your theme. No plugin installation required. add_action( ‘show_admin_bar’, ‘__return_false’ );

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Since I have been getting many requests, I have decided to make a simple app in PhoneGap using jQuery Mobile available for download. This sample project is for those who are fluent in HTML, Javascript and CSS and wish to get started on PhoneGap app development using web technologies. Enjoy! Download Features: – Ready-to-deploy – […]

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