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Realistic and Simple Career Goals That You Can Set Every Month

If you feel like you haven’t been progressing much in your career this year, don’t despair. It’s never too late to change how you feel about your progress by putting on the right kind of effort. Here are five realistic goals that you can apply in your career every month.

  1. Read at least one book, whether it is about leadership or programming language or personal finance, it doesn’t matter. Reading enriches your mind and it’s a habit that is going to help you in your career.

  2. Reach out to someone you admire in your field and tell them about yourself. Yes, about yourself. They may not reply, they may not even read it in full, but being able to put yourself out there and then surround yourself with those that inspire you will energise you and motivate you.

  3. Do a self-assessment for all areas of your life. What’s one thing that all successful people have in common? They all have great self-awareness! This self-assessment worksheet will help you become more aware of yourself so you can make quantum leaps in your career. You may download my template on gumroad. Or download Tech Career Success Bundle for more resources to accelerate your career progress.

  4. Pick one skill to learn for the next 3 months. What skills should you learn, I hear you ask? This is when doing a self-assessment comes in handy. There is no shortage of educational materials on the Internet but you want to learn a skill that interests you and one that is aligned with what you want in your career. A few examples that are timeless skills, writing, public speaking, organisational skills, finance 101 for business, etc. For leadership skills, check out this leadership planner that I've put together.

  5. Write down a To Do list at the start of every work week. In this day and age where disruptions like DMs, video calls and short-form entertaining content are everywhere, it’s important to take control of your work week and be intentional about how and where you spend your time.

  6. Stretch goal: Share your progress with me on social media, follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn if you prefer text content and TikTok and Instagram if you prefer photo and video content. Or you can share your progress using a hashtag #octcareergoals. There is nothing like having public accountability on social media.